March 20, 2020


Procedure for access to building are as follows:

You will be greeted at the door

I know this is not our normal greeting BUT…. we all need to keep our Social Distance. 
So Please,  
No Hand Shakes and No Hugs 

The doors to the sanctuary will be opened for you!! There has been a hand sanitizer wall unit placed inside the Sanctuary doors to the left, on the back wall.  Please feel free to use it as much as you want!!

We ask you keep hands away from surfaces along with physical contact with others at a minimum. 

Please Do Not Use The Rest Of The Building 

This is a 
Sanctuary Only Opening. 

Also please keep your talking inside the building at a minimum volume level so not to interrupt others who may be at the altar praying. And as we have been instructed by the C.D.C. keep all gathering and any socializing outside the Building in the open air environment. 

Unless the situation worsens, we will continue to have the doors of the church opened on Sundays and Wednesdays ONLY…  all other events will be postponed and or canceled till further notice. With that said, we encourage that if you or your family have any form of cold, fever, or viral symptoms; if you are elderly or have significant pre-existing medical conditions; or if you care for those who are vulnerable, that you please stay home. 

We are working on live streaming and on Facebook Live to bring more info. and hopefully in the near future devotionals and sermons for those who want to join in.  

And once again……For those who come, we ask that you please respect each other’s personal space and refrain from embracing or shaking hands. 

This is not a decision that we the leadership has taken lightly. While we know Our GOD is in Control We feel compelled to follow the suggestions of the Federal, State, Local authority in our Great Nation and the Physicians who are warning us to keep this from spreading, We must do what is best for the church body as a whole. 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to call me anytime at (540) 623-3847.

Please know, I am praying for you all and anxious to get back to our normal schedule soon. 
Serving by His calling,
Pastor Tony Vinson

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